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Marching In

Happy March! I feel like we have started to get a little spring weather here — not quite like spring at home, though 😉  On Friday I went to a neighboring town on a field trip for the class I TA for — they have a larger hospital and a handful of specialty clinical dietitians, which was very cool for me to see.  The hospital where I interned did not have trauma, peds, oncology, maternity, etc., and I did not see the largest variety of patients.  That hospital was also the only one I’d really spent any time in — it was cool to see another one, and how different it was.  I also love meeting other dietitians and hearing about what they do in a typical day. I learned a lot, especially about clinical nutrition for diabetes and cancer patients.


On Saturday I had a few friends over for dinner — I made salad and a lasagna with zucchini, spinach, and arugula.  I didn’t use a recipe, and if I made it again I would cook the veggies down a little bit more and maybe skip the arugula.  All the men had two pieces though, so I suppose it wasn’t too bad!  I had a little too much wine with dinner, but that did mean I was ready to get dancing when we headed downtown afterwards.  Such a fun night with friends!


Today I caught up on e-mails and also The Following on Hulu.  In related updates, I am never sleeping again.  That show is scary! But really good — I got sucked in!

I just love Kevin Bacon

I just love Kevin Bacon


Well, that about wraps up my night! I am still working through Unbroken, but plan to finish it this week and return it to its owner 🙂


Something New Weekend

Well, it was back to work today, but I had an amazing, full weekend!  On Fridays I typically only have lab, but I set up a follow-up appointment with an athlete I’ve been meaning to catch up with.  What was meant to be a quick check-in turned into over an hour of talking about nutrition, cooking, recipes, and healthy living.  I love my job!

Saturday started out with a 4 mile treadmill jog.  It’s been a little cold and windy! Fortunately I do enjoy treadmill time — I love seeing people I know at the gym and just people-watching.  That evening, I invited a friend over for dinner.  I kept it simple & easy with tortellini and a starter salad.  He brought wine — what a guy 🙂  We then met up with some friends for a night on the town, which included some country dancing!  I headed for home a little earlier than usual, however, because I had big plans for Sunday!

One of my outdoorsy friends had been promising to take me cross country skiing for my first time, and yesterday was the day!  I borrowed a bunch of equipment, corralled my fears about injuries and devastating embarrassment, and hit the road with my friend and his dog.

The verdict?  I had an AMAZING time. The trails and the trees were so beautiful, and it snowed ever-so-lightly for most of the trip.



I did spend a small portion of the trip tumbling around in the snow, but loved the experience! We spent a few hours out on the trails and I had a blast the entire time — my companion (and his dog) were pretty patient with my slow progress too 🙂 I can’t wait to go again!