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Marching In

Happy March! I feel like we have started to get a little spring weather here — not quite like spring at home, though 😉  On Friday I went to a neighboring town on a field trip for the class I TA for — they have a larger hospital and a handful of specialty clinical dietitians, which was very cool for me to see.  The hospital where I interned did not have trauma, peds, oncology, maternity, etc., and I did not see the largest variety of patients.  That hospital was also the only one I’d really spent any time in — it was cool to see another one, and how different it was.  I also love meeting other dietitians and hearing about what they do in a typical day. I learned a lot, especially about clinical nutrition for diabetes and cancer patients.


On Saturday I had a few friends over for dinner — I made salad and a lasagna with zucchini, spinach, and arugula.  I didn’t use a recipe, and if I made it again I would cook the veggies down a little bit more and maybe skip the arugula.  All the men had two pieces though, so I suppose it wasn’t too bad!  I had a little too much wine with dinner, but that did mean I was ready to get dancing when we headed downtown afterwards.  Such a fun night with friends!


Today I caught up on e-mails and also The Following on Hulu.  In related updates, I am never sleeping again.  That show is scary! But really good — I got sucked in!

I just love Kevin Bacon

I just love Kevin Bacon


Well, that about wraps up my night! I am still working through Unbroken, but plan to finish it this week and return it to its owner 🙂


The One Food EVERYONE Should Be Eating

One thing I have noticed working as a dietitian in a consulting-type environment is that individuals will often be told to see me if they are on any type of restricted diet — especially vegetarian diets.  This is definitely a positive thing — any time a food is eliminated or limited, I think the total diet needs to be assessed for completeness.  However, I feel that these diets — particularly vegetarian — cause coaches and others to be immediately concerned that the individual is not meeting their nutrient needs.  While vegetarian athletes should certainly be cautious and ensure that they are meeting their nutrient needs — so should everybody else.  I like to emphasize that meat itself is not a nutrient, but simply a food.

This is true for other foods and diets as well.  I don’t necessarily think a gluten-free (or grain-free) diet is best for all individuals, but that certainly does not mean that individuals who need to follow this type of diet or choose to follow this type of diet cannot meet their nutrient needs.  Wheat is a food, not a nutrient.  Soy is a food, not a nutrient.

I do not advocate a low-carb or Paleo style diet to people I work with — nor do I necessarily advocate another specific type of diet.  Everybody is different — that’s why I love working with individuals!  An athlete recently came in who was interested in Paleo-style eating — I talked with the athlete about being careful to meet energy and nutrient needs during training, offered some guidelines, and said I would be available for any questions or concerns.  A few weeks later, the athlete returned, thrilled with the new diet and the huge variety of foods now being consumed — far greater variety and far greater nutrient density than the previous diet.  The athlete was also spending more time and enjoying more meals with friends who had already been following a Paleo-style diet.  For this individual, this style of eating helped maximize relatedness with teammates and also improved overall diet quality.  Who am I to say the diet is inappropriate?

If a guy comes in to my office and tells me he doesn’t like carrots, or spinach, or oatmeal, I certainly don’t tell him he’ll fall short on his nutrient needs — just choose other foods to help him meet those needs.  There is no one food that everyone needs, and people can meet their personal needs with many different eating styles!



Food, Sleep, Etc.

I had a great weekend, which actually made it easier to get back to work today!  I had a relatively uneventful day, and then enjoyed a sushi date with a couple ladies from work.  We went to the “cheap” (but awesome) sushi restaurant in town.  It’s located in a hotel and this sign was outside:


I had a vegetable roll, a cup of miso, and a few of my boss’ edamame — it was a good time!

Yesterday, I read this article on Science Daily (link) about how individuals’ dietary patterns are related to their sleep patterns.  Researchers found that individuals who were “normal sleepers”, or slept 7-8 hours at a time, had the greatest dietary variety.  People who slept 5-6 hours at a time had the highest caloric intake (more time to eat?) and people who slept <5 hours at a time had the least dietary variety.  Interesting! I am a really good sleeper 😉 and think I also have pretty wide dietary variety…I also often have amazing vivid dreams and I would love to know if there is anything I can eat to increase that! It makes for a funny thing to think about in the morning 🙂  I keep a dream journal sporadically but perhaps I should also keep a dinner journal along with it!