Hello Again

Wow, I definitely had higher ambitions for this little blog than I have committed to, but I think I am getting in the groove of the new semester.  Things have been busy! Should this be my next read?


Actually, I am loving grad school (even when it’s a little crazy).  My classes are great, my research is actually progressing, and work with the athletes has been picking up.  I hope to get a lot more out of my time in this program and I feel like my excitement with it has renewed lately.


Catching Up

Happy New Year!  I am ready to leave 2012 behind — although it was not a bad year, if I got to choose one year to live over I would probably not choose that one — and make 2013 better.  I have just a few goals for this year…

1) Graduate!  I’ll (hopefully) be finishing my Master’s in nutrition this summer

2) Find a job I love

3) Read 50 *new-to-me* books — I am the worst about re-reading old favorites instead of branching out!

4) Do a handstand <— needed a fun fitness goal 🙂

5) Run a half marathon, and run it faster than last year (I ran 1:55)

I love checking out blogs to read everyone’s goals for the year!  People come up with the most creative things to challenge and improve themselves.

Home for the Holidays

I am loving being home for the holidays.  The weather is beautiful and I always relish the time with my family.  We have been enjoying hiking and running outside, as well as relaxing on the couch with books, movies, and wine 🙂

My parents seem pretty appreciative that I offered to cook dinner tonight — funny, since they have made thousands of dinners for me! I am following this recipe: Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Black Beans and Chili Dressing and will likely also have a glass of wine. ‘Tis the season!