Almost like spring

It was pretty warm for this ol’ high plains town today, and I rode my bicycle over to campus to see the basketball game. I don’t ride as much as I’d like since it’s often cold, windy, snowy, and/or icy — sure makes me appreciate days like today, though! The game was super exciting – the guys made a big comeback and won it in OT.  I love when the fans get all riled up 😉  Our women’s team unfortunately lost their away game today — they were on a pretty good winning streak too!

I checked out this cool article this morning — I think recent studies have kind of been supporting higher intensity exercise with less total time spent exercising over longer bouts of low intensity exercise.  This article demonstrates how individuals who spent more total time during the day exercising (or simply standing) had improved metabolic parameters compared with those who did brief, more intense exercise.  Interesting!  Both groups had improved health compared with the sedentary group.  I think this kind of emerging research is neat — I think the best thing to do in real life, however, is to get active in any way that suits your lifestyle.  There are lots of people who surely don’t have hours to exercise at low intensity, and there are probably others (myself included 😉 ) that would rather exercise for longer at a lower intensity…so everybody wins as long as you get after it?

Tonight I am going to catch up with some friends over some beverages, but I’m promising myself I’ll hit the books hard tomorrow 😉


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