Positive Thinking

It’s amazing how some positive feedback and support can make your day!  I’ve recently opened up about my goals to some people at one of my jobs, and have really come to realize that some of them are willing to go to bat for me and help me reach them.  Regardless of what the outcome will be, it feels good to know I am supported, and makes me want to work harder.

My mom’s birthday was yesterday, and I received a gift!

lovely little Valentine's package!

lovely little Valentine’s package!

I did, however, send her a little something in the mail, and we talked twice on the phone yesterday.  She’s the greatest and I miss her a ton, but I know she’s happy that I’m living my dream in the wild west 😉  Part of my gift to her was the new Alabama Shakes album.  I cannot get enough of them lately — especially this song (it’s not on the album, but it’s in the film Silver Linings Playbook, and it’s amazing!).

Tonight, I am finishing up a presentation on fiber for my Carbohydrates class, and baking some cookies for my Valentine 🙂


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