Food, Sleep, Etc.

I had a great weekend, which actually made it easier to get back to work today!  I had a relatively uneventful day, and then enjoyed a sushi date with a couple ladies from work.  We went to the “cheap” (but awesome) sushi restaurant in town.  It’s located in a hotel and this sign was outside:


I had a vegetable roll, a cup of miso, and a few of my boss’ edamame — it was a good time!

Yesterday, I read this article on Science Daily (link) about how individuals’ dietary patterns are related to their sleep patterns.  Researchers found that individuals who were “normal sleepers”, or slept 7-8 hours at a time, had the greatest dietary variety.  People who slept 5-6 hours at a time had the highest caloric intake (more time to eat?) and people who slept <5 hours at a time had the least dietary variety.  Interesting! I am a really good sleeper 😉 and think I also have pretty wide dietary variety…I also often have amazing vivid dreams and I would love to know if there is anything I can eat to increase that! It makes for a funny thing to think about in the morning 🙂  I keep a dream journal sporadically but perhaps I should also keep a dinner journal along with it!


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