Catching Up

Happy New Year!  I am ready to leave 2012 behind — although it was not a bad year, if I got to choose one year to live over I would probably not choose that one — and make 2013 better.  I have just a few goals for this year…

1) Graduate!  I’ll (hopefully) be finishing my Master’s in nutrition this summer

2) Find a job I love

3) Read 50 *new-to-me* books — I am the worst about re-reading old favorites instead of branching out!

4) Do a handstand <— needed a fun fitness goal 🙂

5) Run a half marathon, and run it faster than last year (I ran 1:55)

I love checking out blogs to read everyone’s goals for the year!  People come up with the most creative things to challenge and improve themselves.


One response to “Catching Up

  1. Great goals, especially the handstand one! I bet that takes some serious core strength…

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